Thursday, January 27, 2011

One hundred

This past Tuesday was the 100th day of school for Poodle and Slick. Slick had to bring in 100 of any one item around the house. He chose to bring in 100 popcorn kernels. I suppose it would have been frowned upon to bring in 100 towels. (Not that I have 100 towels.) At any rate, Slick brought home a paper he'd completed during that day's school work. It tickled me when I read some of his responses. I'm listing them here for your enjoyment, and also to preserve the memory of what was said, as paper items tend to get lost around this joint. Slick's replies will be in bold. All spelling and grammar are his.

1. If I had 100 dollars I would buy grocries with them.

2. If I had 100 pencils I would bring 98 home.

3. If I had 100 mosquito bites I would die.

4. If I had 100 friends I would play with them.

5. If I had 100 legs I would act like a octopus.

6. If I had 100 eyes I would see very good.

7. If I had 100 stuffed animals I would play with them.

8. If I had 100 Webkins I would be awesome.

9. If I had 100 Legos I would be happy.

10. If I had 100 Wii and DS games I would play all of them.

Oh to be a kid again.