Friday, April 16, 2010

Bless you!

The following occurred between the hours of 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM.
(It sounds more dramatic if you read it like Keifer Sutherland does at the opening of the hit show "24".)

The Noob: Mooooommmmmy...I neeeeee cuh-vers. (covers)

Me, quite groggily I might add: Huh? What do you want?

Noob: I need mah cuh-vers.

Me: Well, reach down and pull them up and over you.

Noob: No, Mommy. I want you do it.

I can see this is all leading up to me having to get out of bed whether I want to or not. I oblige and throw my own covers off and take the three steps over to the crib. I cover her back up and get back in bed.

Five minutes later, the conversation begins again with the same subject matter.

Another ten minutes go by and I'm up for the third time getting her "cuh-vers". I also grab my flashlight to find her obviously missing Binky. If that hole were plugged up then maybe she'd shut up and go to sleep.

I located the Binky on the other side of her crib and plugged her up. I made sure Bunny was snuggled in tight and that her "cuh-vers" were covering All Parts That Might Get Cold.

The next thing I heard was not a plea to be covered up again, but a series of three sneezes. *pa-chew*.....*ka-cue*......*ah...ah...ah...aaaahhhhhhhh-CHOO!*

I thought, "Man, I gotta get some Zyrtec in her when we get up."

The next thing I heard sent me into a silent giggle fit at 3:47 AM.

She blessed herself. That tiny voice said, "Bless you!"

I'm glad I didn't wake King Waffle. He might have wanted to have me committed for lying in bed giggling at ten minutes 'til four in the morning.

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