Friday, February 5, 2010

So long, old pal.

A few months ago, we noticed something was amiss. She was slow and lethargic and just couldn't get up and go like she used to. We had someone look at her and he said things weren't quite right and that we should take some proactive measures to save her and that we should do so very soon. Sadly, those measures only bought us about three more months. We took her to the doctor this past Tuesday. After waiting for three days with no update on her prognosis, we called to ask about her status this morning. They said she was up for examination today and they'd let us know something very soon. We got the phone call sometime around 11 AM. She was mostly dead, but could be revived for about $600 and they could only guarantee their fix for another 90 days. We opted to just go ahead and pull the plug. She served us well.

February 2005 - February 2010

So long, old reliable. You will be missed.


  1. Don't y'all ever say anything to me about my PC again. The boy is it's main problem downloading & all.

  2. Yeah. You've had three or so during the life of my one Mac. : P

  3. Aww! How sad! I just recently got a MacBook Pro! I love it! THough, I was told some good advice by the specialist when I purchased it... or rather when my mom and dad purchased it for me for graduation...:-) He said to go to the referb section on the website. Because, if you so happen to get a Mac and open the box, break the seal and decide you wish to get another one instead.... they have to send it back to the factory where it is then sold for a much cheaper price as a referb. :-) So,if you decide to get another Mac... happy shopping!!!